Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

I was so excited this year for Christmas. I spent a lot of time getting ready as I made all the gifts this year. I tried to think of things each person liked and I made it. From soap, to chocolate covered spoons, to aprons and even blankets based on that individuals interests. I was also excited because this was our first Christmas with Aidan, and he is so funny!

As we always do, we spent Christmas Eve with Ray Sr. Jan, Janette, Will and of course "little man" Aidan.

Then Christmas Day we had a nice quiet day at home. We did the Christmas under the tree, then it was a restful day for me. Everyone played with their gifts and I did NOTHING! (hehehe)


Janet said...

Thanks for sharing! We had a great time with everyone.


Janette said...

Love the pictures! Your gifts were great, I'm already using my soap!