Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wow, has it been a while since my last update.
I have been busy at work and also marketing my lotions, soaps, body sprays, shower gels and now hair care products. I have also gotten a lot more scents.

Now for family updates. Ray still works a lot! We have been moving stuff around in the house and getting it ready for my dad and Patty to come again at the end of June.
Dalton has been promoted to the 5th grade, (can you believe it) He accomplished a lot this last school year. He made B honor roll and will be in accelerated classes next year.

Courtney is now employed with 911 dispatch. She works our rotation, so we have the same days off.

I am going on a cruise on July 18 with one of my best friends, Kathy. Ray didn't want to go this time. Next cruise will be to Alaska. I think it will be a while before that one happens.

The lady that features my skin care products and some of my crafts wants to help boost local businesses here in Chester, and wants me to give a couple craft classes. I can't wait for that, but it will be after the cruise. Maybe one in August and then one in October, for the holidays.

That is about all for now.