Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Well, March is more than 1/2 way through, and I have been busy busy busy. Last month I met with a lady, she runs a gift store here in our small town of Chester. Well anyway, she is featuring my products in her store. I am making soaps, lotions, cards, diaper cakes, towel cakes, and I also personalize shirts with paint and embroidery
I will post some pictures of some new products in the a.m. .......if I don't forget b4 I have to leave.
Next thing to start making is body wash and body spray.........have all kinds of flavors and try to add one or two each time I order supplies.

Ray is working hard and all the time. Dalton has to go take a test tomorrow for placement. The school said he did so well on his PACT test, they want to test him in order to be able to place him in honors classes next year..........
Megan is doing well, and the same. I guess I will find out Monday if she is really moving out..........I hope for her sake, she will change in the next 4 days.
Courntey and Jeffrey have moved out and are on their own again........well, living in "Grandma's apt. But is is good to have more quiet in the house again.
till next time.........Dee